Daughters of Charity International Project Services was established to help the Sisters in developing countries to carry out their mission of service to those who are poor.  DCIPS facilitates international funding and other resources, and develops relationships that support Daughter of Charity projects that minimize human suffering and foster sustainable solutions to global poverty at the local level.

International Company of the Daughters of Charity

Vincent de Paul, deeply moved by the extreme poverty prevalent in France in the 1600s, collaborated with Louise de Marillac to establish the Daughters of Charity in 1633. Today, over 380 years later, the Company of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, Servants of the Poor continues to serve people who are poor and marginalized with humility, simplicity, and charity. About 14,000 Daughters of Charity currently work in 94 countries around the world. The Daughters of Charity are committed to reaching and empowering those who are the most abandoned and marginalized by addressing needs of food, water, sanitation and shelter; and through their sustaining works including health care, HIV/AIDS, migrant and refugee assistance, education and more.

Daughters of Charity International Project Services

About three quarters of the 94 countries served by the Daughters of Charity are poverty-stricken; countries with vast needs but severely lacking resources. Development and improvements often depend on outside financial support. Daughters of Charity International Project Services is a nonprofit service organization that helps sisters working in developing countries to obtain funds and resources needed for local projects. These diverse works meet basic needs, develop education, improve health, or deliver social services. The needs are priorities identified by the people and the Sisters living and working at the local level. DCIPS was established in 2004 and became fully operational in 2006. As of September 2021, the number of projects DCIPS has successfully facilitated:

1334 projects in 69 countries

100% of all donations goes directly to the projects and services that help those who are poor, vulnerable, marginalized or sick. Help make a difference today … go to HELP & GIVE!

The Daughters of Charity live in community for the service of Christ in persons who are poor … … every poor person in need, seeking out the poorest and most abandoned everywhere.