For Daughters Of Charity Only


Application + Attachments

The following forms must be completed for each project: IPS Application, Attachment A and Attachment B

IPS Application
Attachment A - Budget
Attachment B - Photos

Project Specific

Attachments C-H are project specific, please read the descriptions and complete if needed 

Attachment C - Vehicle

(vehicles & transportation services)

Attachment D – Equipment

(tools/ equipment)

Attachment F – Water & sanitation

(sanitation/ hygiene/water)

Attachment G – Income and expense

(for foundations that require income and expense reports; e.g. Hilton Fund for Sisters)

Attachment H - Receipts

(for foundations that require receipts; e.g. VSO foundation)

Additional Resources

IPS Program Overview
Short Form Application

(only used if advised by IPS)

Grant Evaluation Report (GER)

Grant Evaluation Report Form
Hilton Fund for Sisters Monitor/ Guarantor Report Form

(only use if project receives funding from Hilton Fund for Sisters)

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Overview
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Overview
Sustainable Development Goals Wizard

Helpful Hint: The SDG Indicator Wizard helps you determine which SDG Goals and Targets relate to your work and which indicators you can track in conjunction with your own indicators to measure your work’s impact.