Iron Treatment at Bishop James Memorial Hospital

Constructing a water treatment facility will allow Bishop James Memorial Hospital to treat the elevated iron levels in the drinking water. Treating the iron content ill ensure the water that the nearly 600 daily patients as well as the patients’ families and surrounding community members count on is safe and reliable. Goal $28,000.00

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene at Kueka Medical Center

Digging a well and installing a transmission system will provide 4,000 people in the local community with much needed clean and reliable water, decreasing water born illness and disease. Additionally, the well will provide clean water and sanitary facilities to the nearly 1,250 patients that visit the hospital each month. Goal $24,000.00

St. Mary Magdalene’s School WASH

Updating the water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) at St. Mary Magdalene Nursery and Primary School will provide students with clean, safe, and easy access to water in the school’s hostel allowing for better health and hygiene practices and granting students more time to focus on education rather than fetching water. Project Goal $8,500