Food and Education for Children Affected by HIV/AIDS

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Food and Education for Children Affected by HIV/AIDS

The Daughters of Charity have been serving the people in the Masanga area of Tanzania since 2007. The Sisters provide food and schooling to poor children whose parents are living with HIV/AIDs and to orphans who lost their parents due to HIV/AIDs. This work directly benefits hundreds of children who receive relief from hunger and the hope of a better future through education.


“12-year-old Neema Sanga* has been in the Dream program since 2013. She lost her parents when she was one year old; both parents were HIV positive and died while she was still breastfeeding. They were living in Nyanchabakenya about 90 km from Masanga. Thereafter, her uncle decided to bring her to Masanga where he lives. Due to her bad health condition, her uncle decided to visit the DREAM Center for help. An HIV test was done in February of 2013, and she was found to be HIV positive. With the support of medications and proper nutrition provided by DREAM, she grew and started schooling at the age of 5 years old. As a member of the children and adolescents support group, DREAM has made her feel equal to others with opportunity. DREAM offers her nutrition support, school items, uniforms, and school fees when needed to shape her future. Neema, with the support of her uncle and the entire family, is very keenly following her medicine schedule which has resulted in good health and low HIV viral amount. To all who support her, she says thank you and may God bless you with abundance.”

*Name has been changed to protect her identity