Porque tuve hambre y me diste de comertuve sed y me diste de beberYo era un extraño y me invitaste a entrarNecesitaba ropa y me vestisteyo estaba enfermo y tu me cuidasteEstuve en prisión y viniste a visitarme.

- Mateo 25:35-36

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Help for Families and Persons With Disabilities

The goal of this project is to serve children, disabled individuals, and poor families in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Many of the families served by the Sisters in this city are living in extreme conditions due to poverty. Often they do not have electricity or heating. Clothing, footwear, and furniture are sparse or lacking. Families often do not have enough funds to buy food and after school, children may wander in the streets without protection. Children go ...

Care of Migrants at Palenque Shelter

The primary objective of the project is to secure economic resources for sustaining support services to migrant individuals, providing essential resources such as clothing, food (including meat, tortillas, vegetables, and fruits), medicines, laboratory services (including X-rays), and overall facility maintenance, crucial for rebuilding strength and facilitating a healthier and more resilient path forward. The aim is to assist these individuals find better opportunities and an improved quality of life. Goal $51,000.00

Carmelo Hospital – Nutrition Program for HIV + Tuberculosis

This project is to provide food for children and patients hospitalized in the Carmelo Hospital. The nutritional support is aimed at patients with tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS who attend the hospital for treatment. The nutrition aspect of the treatment protocol is critical to ongoing health support. Resources for these patients to receive meals on their own is extremely minimal and this has a proven adverse effect on both their health and the success of their treatment ...

Protection and Recovery Program at Hospicio de San Jose

Hospicio de San Jose is the oldest charitable social welfare institution in the Philippines. It was established in 1810 and was originally a home for the beggars. In 1862, the Daughters of Charity missioned DC Sisters to the Philippines, subsequently the management of Hospicio de San Jose was entrusted to the Daughters of Charity in 1865. The hospital is home to children, persons with special needs, older persons, and persons in crisis including the victim-survivors ...

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