St. Pierre College Building Rehab

Project Description

The goal of this project is to provide a clean building where the local children of the bush can study in a sanitary and functioning classroom. As Andemaka is a landlocked region and on the banks of the Matitanana River, which overflows easily and is almost always a victim of cyclones, a majority of the population is still analphabet; the trust of the bush population in the nuns and the ownership of classrooms will help parents to send their children to Saint Pierre School. Due to widespread poverty, the population has neither drinking water nor toilets. The economic situation of the population and their rather low intellectual level make it difficult to find a way to improve their situation. Sometimes the children don’t want to go to school and the parents let them look after the oxen. The people of Andemaka need people to help them have an alert mind and a clear intelligence. In total, we now have 150 pupils in the secondary school. We have found that once a family engages, the parents begin to see the progress and start to learn as well. This school has the potential to empower the entire community.


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