Jara – Fence for Open Center Shelter

Project Description

Children who are assisted at the Open Center are exposed to the dangers that surround the street where the requested fence is necessary. An initial barrier was placed several years ago in a precarious way to define the land which corresponds to the entrance street to the Home for the Elderly (land that adjoins the Open Center), where a significant number of people and vehicles circulate daily, leaving children exposed. It is currently defined by sheets that were improvised to mark the perimeter enclosure. This is a temporary solution until this problem can be solved.

Sisters are determined to provide children with the security and protection they need so that they can use this recreational space without limits. The Sisters and the children need that security and protection from the criminals who swarm the streets fishing for anything that has value that can give the children and Sisters a hard time. We have been victims of constant robberies due to the easy access to it, which puts us in a situation of alarm.

The Open Center alternative serves as a shelter for at risk children between 4 and 15 years old. In it, the children rediscover the meaning of life through the support of the sisters, attending school, learning trades and overcoming, through therapy sessions, the traumas acquired during childhood through professionals. Parents who do not have a place to leave their children safely to be able to go to work in peace, have this alternative of protection where children get all the necessary attention, as well as psychological and school support necessary for them to thrive.


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