Mbandaka DREAM Center Nutrition

Project Description

The Daughters of Charity of the Province of Congo sensed the call of our patients who had died of HIV/AIDS without help or specific treatment in the ecclesiastical province of Mbandaka-Bioko.
Thus the decision to build a DREAM Center in Mbandaka, which distributes quality care to many PLHIV now since 2009 to date (More than 2000 PLHIV people have been treated there, about 400 babies have been born in good health and more than 17400 people have been counseled and examined) 2/3 female 1/3 male, Children 10%. The economic condition is low, so there is great poverty; The medical service remains dissatisfied and expensive.
Our people affected by the project are often rejected by their families, especially in the initial phase, where it is important to eat a balanced and sufficient diet. This project will continue to provide critical nutritional assistance to patients and those most in need.



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