Balta – Community Center Operations + Nutrition

Project Description

The focus of this project is working with children in the community center and helping their families to heal and thrive. Most of these children come from dysfunctional families (many with alcohol problems, broken families and those who are helpless in life, or affected by the effects of war – in each family someone is involved in the defense of the homeland). Our concern is to protect them and demonstrate values that will help them with dignity and to live honestly. Important points of serving children and young people using the club are educational, athletic, cultural, and religious. We also encourage them to join us on trips (retreats and days of meditation outside their home environment). With the war situation prevailing in the country, traveling outside the place of residence to a safer place in the country or abroad to a neighboring country helps to create a sense of security and acceptance, along with gaining mutual trust, promoting physical activity outdoors, spiritual development and rooting religious values, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.



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