Protection and Recovery Program at Hospicio de San Jose

Project Description

Hospicio de San Jose is the oldest charitable social welfare institution in the Philippines. It was established in 1810 and was originally a home for the beggars. In 1862, the Daughters of Charity missioned DC Sisters to the Philippines, subsequently the management of Hospicio de San Jose was entrusted to the Daughters of Charity in 1865. The hospital is home to children, persons with special needs, older persons, and persons in crisis including the victim-survivors of different forms of abuse and trafficking. The facilities follow the government standard for residential facilities and the trees within the island are preserved as much as possible. . The CIP Sanctuary for victim-survivors of abuse and trafficking started in 2012 and since then, the program has partnered with many local community service providers. This program for victim-survivors of abuse and trafficking in persons has benefited many victim/survivors over the years. In 2020, it started to open its door to sibling victim-survivors making it unique from other institutions providing protection and recovery services. It is the only facility in the National Capital
Region that can cater to both male and female survivors allowing siblings to stay together for moral and emotional support.



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