Masanga DREAM – Outreach for HIV/AIDS

Project Description

The Dream program up to now has 713 clients, out of the total 470 are getting antiretroviral treatment, and the health center section attached to the DREAM center serves approximately 400 patients every month. The tracing of the missing patients for their appointment is done regularly one day after the clinic. This allows our clients to meet the goals in their treatment and avoid the risk of opportunistic infection which will reduce the body’s immunity and increase morbidity and mortality. The support for HIV Outreach has helped us to reach not only spouses of the dream clients, but also other hidden information of having multiple sexual partners and biological children under 15 years. Dream patients who stay far from the center get their drugs in the mobile clinic visit and others drug refilling within the community. This outreach program is an essential factor in the ongoing success of the DREAM Center’s treatment protocol.



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