Help for Families and Persons With Disabilities

Description du Projet

The goal of this project is to serve children, disabled individuals, and poor families in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Many of the families served by the Sisters in this city are living in extreme conditions due to poverty. Often they do not have electricity or heating. Clothing, footwear, and furniture are sparse or lacking. Families often do not have enough funds to buy food and after school, children may wander in the streets without protection. Children go looking for food and shelter. They are ignored and considered inferior in the community. The Sisters run a day care center and provide the children who attend a hot meal and a safe, warm place to stay while their parents are working. This project will help provide food, school supplies, medicines, personal hygiene products, and clothes for some of the neediest families in the community. This project will also provide tickets for the children to ride the bus to get to the day care center since many have to travel a long and often dangerous path to get to the day care center. The project would also help the Sisters provide rehabilitation treatments and medications for children and adults who have physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy and blindness.



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