Educación y entrenamiento

Krakow – Summer Education + Coexistence Program

The Daughters of Charity have been running a community center in Krakow, Poland, since 1989. Activities at the center are designed to help school-aged children grow spiritually, academically, and in their social skills. Due to the war in Ukraine, two-thirds of the pupils are Ukrainian refugee children. These children have had their worlds turned upside-down

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Mbandaka Prison Farming + Mentoring to Combat Recidivism

The primary goal of this project is to provide a safety net of paying work and professional skill-building for released prisoners as well as for delinquent youth who are at risk. Agricultural skills as well as apprenticeships will be offered to address the gap in services available to both juvenile delinquents and recently released prisoners

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Ain Karem Pergola

The goal of this project is to give the young people under the care of Daughters of Charity the additional needed space to increase their daily activities and the opportunity to spend time outdoors safely. The presence of the pergola will help the project of the group homes to be complete and a more flexible

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Yeka – Microenterprise Program

This project aims to reduce income poverty and vulnerability among the target communities in the project area of the Yeka Sub-City. Daughters of Charity/Urban Development Project (DOC/UDP has included two intervention areas in this project: Income Generation Activity (IGA) and Savings and Credits Association (SaCA). These programs are designed to help income-poverty participants increase their

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Loei Province: Migrant Care

The Daughters of Charity in Thailand are seeking to help migrant families navigate the daunting challenges of poverty, limited education, healthcare struggles, and a lack of community support. This project aims to be a beacon of hope, addressing deep-rooted socio-economic issues. The Sisters provide essential needs, educational and health assistance, advocate for obtaining legal documentation,

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