Ain Karem Pergola

Project Description

The goal of this project is to give the young people under the care of Daughters of Charity the additional needed space to increase their daily activities and the opportunity to spend time outdoors safely. The presence of the pergola will help the project of the group homes to be complete and a more flexible program. The young people will have bedrooms and a dining room which will double as an indoor activity room where they will have physical therapy, watch TV, and have computers. The pergola will be outdoors in the garden yet closed in by windows. Here they can do activities such as listen to music, be given an awareness of the beauty of nature all around them, and amuse themselves with table games. When their families visit they can also profit from this room that can be used year-round with AC and heating. Without this room, they are cramped into one room all their waking hours.



Funds Raised



Area of Interest