Natal – catering equipment for children’s home

Project Description

“Natal is a Brazilian municipality and is the most populous city in its state. The Rio Grande de Norte has a high percentage of children and teens facing situations of social vulnerability, pressed by unemployment and social inequality, and now even more aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The principal consequences are begging and piece work, exposing children, teens, and youths every day to a variety of risks of violence. The Children’s Vocational Home (Casa do Menor Trabalhador) in Natal was founded in 1987 and started with taking in street children. Now the Home helps children and youths in situations of vulnerability and social risk to become self-supporting. The program offers academic activities, psychosocial care, and the use of academic and sports-related workshops. The Home helps with seeking the formation of a critical and creative social conscience and free training for 300 young people to enter the job market. The project will acquire the machines, equipment, and related items for the cooking and food service laboratory.

Acquisition of machines, equipment, and furniture for the creation of a cooking and food service laboratory at the Children’s Vocational Home (Casa do Menor Trabalhador) in order to offer professional training to 300 youths as chef’s assistants and servers for their future entry into the job market.”




Area of Interest