Reintegration of Human Trafficking Victims

Project Description

This project is intended for economic empowerment and reintegration of 10 victims of human trafficking and returned migrants. The beneficiaries would be offered training opportunity to acquire some skills in preferred areas before establishment. While training they would be sheltered at COSUDOW to ensure closeness to the venue and regular attendance to the program as well as close monitoring and direction. While there, they would also avail of any of the other services offered by COSUDOW shelter. Reintegration component involves: Family tracing – to identify and prepare the family members of a returning victim to accept and assist the returnee on arrival. Opportunity for training and economic empowerment in skills acquisition of choice such as computer literacy, tailoring, hairdressing, catering, etc and establishment in that particular skill are provided to the victims to enable them start life anew and venture into profitable micro-enterprise to sustain self and dependents. This is necessary for gradual reintegration back to society and to prevent the temptation of re-trafficking. Monitoring and evaluation – the established victims and returnees are monitored for progress indicators and assistance in areas of need.

Project Goal


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Area of Interest