“The charity of Jesus Christ crucified, which animates and sets  afire the heart of the Daughter of Charity, urges her to hasten to the relief of every type of human misery.” – Constitutions of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul

The best way to understand the Daughters of Charity organization is to share in the experiences of the Sisters living and working in the developing world. United as Daughters of Charity, they dedicate their lives in service to those who are poor.

Stories, videos, biographies and more, will offer a glimpse into the world of the local people and the Sisters, and the struggles and richness of their collaborative work.

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Ghana’s Street Persons

Targeted by Daughters of Charity for Pandemic Education

The Daughters of Charity in Ghana believe it is paramount to protect the population of persons living on the street, mainly women and children, who struggle in congested conditions. The sisters work to educate with factual information so these people can protect themselves and others during the coronavirus pandemic.  Workshop sessions to prevent the spread of COVID -19 were held in their Drop-in-Center and are even conducted on the street corners.  The sisters also seek out vulnerable persons in obscure locations where they now cluster, since those living on the streets cannot carry out their usual tasks on the streets due to COVID-19.

The sisters’ education goals are to explain the prescribed safety and precautionary measures as outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Government of Ghana.  They also discuss the existing stigma around those who have contracted COVID-19.  The sisters encourage street persons to give information to the appropriate authorities if they notice symptoms of the virus in vulnerable persons, and additionally offer their own office number to call if the people have needs. So far, the Daughters of Charity have been able to reach over 1500 persons, including providing needed food and other relief items.