“The charity of Jesus Christ crucified, which animates and sets  afire the heart of the Daughter of Charity, urges her to hasten to the relief of every type of human misery.” – Constitutions of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul

The best way to understand the Daughters of Charity organization is to share in the experiences of the Sisters living and working in the developing world. United as Daughters of Charity, they dedicate their lives in service to those who are poor.

Stories, videos, biographies and more, will offer a glimpse into the world of the local people and the Sisters, and the struggles and richness of their collaborative work.

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Marguerite Naseau Nursery School

So many parents in Rwisabi, Burundi live a subsistence life and are not able to even afford tuition fees and school supplies for their children. As you can imagine, illiteracy remains a serious problem for these families. The Daughters of Charity at Marguerite Naseau Nursery School bring education, health, and hope to these disadvantaged youngsters by providing basic education, nutritional support, and Christian formation. This attention to educating and nurturing these little ones with love and support helps to prepare them for success in primary school.

A local Sister shared:

“When the children arrive on the first day of school, they often feel alone, scared, and isolated. They cry without wanting to be comforted. However, once they are educated, they are clean, flourishing, and sociable. At school, every time a child comes in late, we encourage them to greet their classmates to help them to grow in punctuality and respect for themselves and others. And we tell them that class is not like a market where you enter and leave as you want; because in school this is not the case. One student was at home and his mother had gone somewhere. When she returned, she did not knock on the door. Her son told her, ‘You must not enter like you enter a market without knocking. That is not how we do it!’ The mom was truly moved by her son’s words and she told us, ‘I did not know that my son had grown like that. When I (first) brought him to school, he was very shy and timid. I thank and encourage you.’”